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  海内机场Domestic airport

  国际机场international airport

  飞机票Airline ticket

  行李领取处 luggage claim; baggage claim

  出租车搭车点 Taxipick-up point

  免税店 duty-free shop

  座位号码 Seat number

  登机牌boarding pass

  入境挂号卡Outgoing passenger card

  出境挂号卡Ongoing passenger card


  候机室 departure lounge

  护照搜查处 passport control immigration

  行李牌 luggage tag

  国籍 nationality

  护照号 passport No.

  原住地 country of Origin

  前去目标地国 destination country

  签证签发地 city where visa was issued

  签发日期 date issue

  前去国度的住址 address while in

  署名 signature

  经济舱 economy class, tourist class

  旅途顺遂。 Have a great flight !

  在那边治理登机手续? Where can I check in ?

  在几号登机口登机?What is the gate number?

  你好,我应该什么时辰治理登机手续呢? Hi,what time am i supposed to check in?

  我什么时辰能上飞机呢? When can i board the plane?

  在侯机室有免税店吗?Are there any duty-free shops in the waiting room?

  你好,海关搜查在那边办呢? Hello ,where do i go through the customs inspection?

  我的座位在那边?Where is my seat?

  手提行李放在那边?Where should I put this?

  请汇报我怎样填写?Could you tell me how to fill in ?

  这是我的托运行李卡 Here is my claim tag

  这是我的小我私人用品 These are for my personal use

  这是我带回中国的眷念品 This is a souvenir that I'm taking to China

  能给我张阶梯舆图吗?May I have a road map?



  您好,叨教此刻可以挂号入住吗?Excuse me,Can I check-in now ?

  您好,我在AGODA订了旅馆,北京导游词,这是我的旅馆确认单。Hello, I booked a room in Agoda, this is my hotel voucher.

  叨教可以把我的房间换成双人床房吗?Could I have my room change into a double room?

  为什么没有空调? 我订的是空调房。Why there is no air conditioning?I booked is air-conditioned room.

  我来日诰日要去曼谷了。我能在这里寄存行李吗?I'm going to Bangkok tomorrow.Can I check my baggage here?

  我可以借一下吹风机吗?May I borrow a hair-dryer?

  我订了房间此刻想治理住宿挂号。 I made a reservation and I'd like to check in.

  你好,我可以把行李先寄存在旅馆里吗?Hello, I can put in our luggage storage at the hotel it ?

  我在房间号下面该填写什么呢? What should I fill in under Room Number ?

  明早7点能叫我起床吗?Could you make me up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning?

  你能保举一个经济点的旅馆吗?Can you recommend a hotel which is not too expensive?

  我想要一间有浴室的房间。I’d like a room with bath

  这间房间收费几多? How much is the room charge?

  每晚几多钱?How much is it per night?

  这是我简直认信。Here is my confirmation slip.

  你能帮我保管珍贵物品吗?Can you keep my valuables?

  能给我一张有旅馆地点的手刺吗? Can I have a card with the hotel address?

  最近的地铁站在那边? Where is the nearest subway station?

  有转换插头吗? Do you have a plug adapter ?

  Guest house 酒店、招待所

  double room 大床房

  Hair Dryer吹风机

  air conditioner空调



  shared bathroom公用洗手间

  24-hour hot water 24小时热水



  Thailand 泰国

  Bangkok 曼谷(BKK)

  Khao San Road 考山路

  Phuket 普吉Chiang Mai 清迈

  at Prathat DoiSuthep 双龙寺

  ChiangMai University清迈大学

  Nimmanhaemin Road宁曼路

  Wat Phra Singh帕辛寺

  Sukonthan Buffet 千人暖锅

  Warorot market瓦洛洛市场

  Saturday Walking Street周六夜市

  night market 夜市

  travel agency 观光社

  chatuhak market恰图恰周末市场

  Amphawa Floating Market安帕瓦水上市场

  Chao Phraya River 湄南河

  Grand Palace 大皇宫

  Wat Phra Kaeo 玉佛寺

  Wat Pho 卧佛寺

  Wat Arun 郑王庙

  Phra Phom 四周佛

  Wat Chedi Luang契迪龙寺

  Victory Monument胜利眷念碑

  shopping mall 大型购物中心


  Elephant trekking. 骑大象


  Thai massage 泰式推拿

  人妖秀 Lay-boy Show

  满身推拿 Full Body Massage

  足底推拿 Foot Massage

  背部推拿 BacK Massage

  古式推拿 Antique Massage

  都有哪些旅游蹊径?What kind of itineraries do you have ?

  用度包罗吃的吗?Does the fare include meal?

  我可以看下用度单吗?May I see the rate list?

  你们有特价吗?Do you have any special rates?

  门票几多钱?How much is the entrance fee?

  我们有中文导游吗? Do we have a Chinese-speaking guide?

  什么时辰我应该回到车上?By what time should I be back to the bus?

  你有摩托车出租吗?Do you have a motorcycle rental ?

  寄一张明信片到中国要几多钱?How much is it to send a postcard to China ?


  能帮我拍张照片吗? Could you please take our picture?

  打搅了,能帮我们拍张照片吗?只要按一下这个键就好了? Excuse me,could you take a photo for us? Just press this button.

  你们筹备好了吗?是的,我们筹备好了?请笑一笑,好。 Are you ready? Yes ,we are. Please smile, OK.

  保持不动,笑一个,再来一张。 Keep the pose and cheese,one more,please.

  太好了! That is wonderful !

  但你能汇报我奈何行使这个相机吗? But can you tell me how to use the camera ?

  我为你照相,好吗? May I take you picture?


  请拉我去这个地点。Take me to this address, please.

  去这里。To this place, please.

  你能汇报我去XX宾馆(旅馆)的路吗? Can you tell me the way to the XX Hotel ,please ?

  去XXX怎么走 ?How can I get to XXX ?

  步行去哪里必要多长时刻? How long does it take to get there on foot?

  你能汇报我我应该坐哪一辆车吗? Could you tell me which bus should I take?

  老师,打搅了,这是去XX的车吗? Excuse me,sir,it this the bus going to the XX ?

  车费几多钱? How much is the fare?

  去XXX几多钱?How much is it to XXX ?

  请你提示我在XX下车好吗? Will you please tell me when we get to the XX ?

  能汇报我什么时辰下车吗?Could you tell me when to get off ?

  到那儿要用多长时刻呢? How long does it take to get there ?

  请再说一次Please say it again.

  打表 use the meter

  我迷路了 I'm lost

  请给我一张市区舆图?May I have a city map ?

  感谢你的辅佐。Thank you for your help

  茅厕在那边?Where is the toilet ?

  叨教旅游问讯处在那边? Where is the tourist information centre ?

  巴士车站在那边 ?Where is the bus stop (taxi stand) ?

  乘计程车到市中心必要几多钱 ?How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi ?

  请停下来。Stop here, please

  几点发车?What time does it leave ?

  有去XXX的巴士吗? Is there a bus that goes to XXX ?

  卖票的处地址哪?Where is the ticket office ?

  我可以看看时刻表吗?May I see a timetable?

  可以预订座位吗?Are any reserved seats available?

  有直达车吗?Is it a direct train?

  我可以打开窗户吗?May I open the window?

  我能带者这些行李吗? Could I keep this baggage?

  巴士在这停多久?How long does the bus stop here?

  我在这里下车 I’ll get off here

  你能为我叫辆出租车吗?Could you call a taxi for me?

  收费和仪表盘上的纷歧样。The fare is different from the meter.

  我在那边上船?Where can I board the ship?

  能汇报我在舆图上的什么位置吗?Could you show me on the map where I am?

  从这里乘出租车到飞机场必要多长时刻?How long does it take to go to the airport by taxi?

  银行在哪?Where is the bank?


  能自制点吗? Can you cut the price down a bit ?

  太贵啦 It’s too expensive for me / That’s too expensive.

  打个折吧。Would you give me a discount.

  能打些折吗?Could you give me a little discount?

  可以自制点儿吗?Can you lower the price ?

  我能获得些折扣吗?Can I get a little discount?

  总共几多钱? How much are they ?

  一共几多钱?How much it all together ?

  我能尝尝吗? Can I try some?

  我只是任意看看。I’m just looking.

  有懂中文的事恋职员吗? Does anyone here speak Chinese?

  送给伴侣的礼品 A gift for my friend

  我在为我妈妈找一些对象。I’m looking for something for my mother.

  我想看看这个。I’d like to see this .

  你有其他气魄威风凛凛的吗?Do you have any other style?

  你们有什么颜色的? What kind of colors do you have?

  你有其他颜色的这个对象吗? Do you have the same thing in any other colors?

  你有更大的吗?Do you have a bigger one?

  我可以试穿吗?Can I try this on?

  更衣间在哪?Where is the fitting room?

  我能看一下这个包吗?Could you show me this bag?

  你有此外技俩吗?Do you have another design?

  我要这个 I’ll take this 我要X个这样的。I’d like X same as this.

  不,够啦。No. That’s all

  含税了吗?Does it include tax?

  还没有找我钱呢。I don’t have my change back yet.

  我在哪能获得退税表?Where can I get a form. for tax refund?

  能给我张退税表吗?May I have the form. for tax refund?

  哪里可以拿到KING POWER的打折卡?where can I get the discount card of kingpower?

  你保举我买哪些眷念品?What souvenirs do you recommend to buy ?

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