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  I look at spiders and butter-flies . I watch caterpillars and moths . Sometimes I think I'm the only one who notices these things . But if it hadn't been for a crowded cafeteria , I wouldn't Have ever noticed Valeri . After all , I wasn't looking for new friends .


  Valeri was a new student . She walked to class with her books huddled against her chest and her head down . He talked only when the teacher asked her a question . After a month at our school , she hadn't made any friend . At recess , she sat on a bench and read . If you asked who she was , you'd get a response like this , "She's in my PE class , I can't remenber her name ."


  One day at lunch , I had nowhere to sit . Most tables were full , my friends scattered among them . But Valeri sat alone , book in hand , I walked over to her .


  "May I sit here ?"I asked .


  "Sure ,"she said .


  The cafeteria was noisy , but silence hung between us . Valeri didn't seem to mind , but it drove me crazy . I searched my mind for things to say .


  "So,"I said , "is that a good book?"Valeri gave a small nod and went back to reading . "What's it about?"I asked , after several more agonizing seconds of silence . She looked at me , her eyes sparkling .


  "Well , it's called Eragon , and it's about a dragon!This boy , Eragon , finds this dragon egg when he goes hunging one day . He thinks it's a rock !The egg hatches and Eragon hides the dragon from his cousin and uncle until it gets too big ."


  "That sounds cool."I said. I was about to ask her another question,but the bell rang.


  As I rushed out of the cafeteria , I called to Valeri , "See you later ."


  "Yeah,"she said,"see you later."She sounded doubtful .


  A couple days later , I spotted Valeri looking for a place to sit at lunch .


  "Valeri , come here."I pointed to an empty chair .


  She sat down and pulled out her book . Everyone was talking about next week's talent show . "So ,what are you doing for the show? "My friend Erin asked my friend Kelly .


  "Oh,I don't know , probably nothing,"Kelly sighed ."What are you doing?"She pointed to Valeri.


  "Oh."Valeri put her book down ."I don't know . Maybe nothing."


  The week flew by . Before I knew it . I was sitting in the auditorium , listening to a group of girls sing the latest pop songs at the talent show . I was bored out of my life , and I wanted it to end so I could read Eragon . I'd checked it out at the library , Then a shy girl walked on stage . I recongized her immediately . Valeri clutched a violin in one hand and a bow in the other .


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